Located in Istanbul, Yamakoğlu & İşgören provides legal consultancy services to both multinational and local companies in their business needs. We are consisted of dedicated and experienced lawyers who have worked for many years in top-tier globally well-known international law firms. 

We provide services especially on corporate matters, litigation, consultancy, employment & HR, mergers & acquisitions, intellectual property with regard to various industries. 

In Yamakoğlu & İşgören, as a boutique firm, our attorneys focus on their niche legal specialties and create close and intimate relationship with their clients so as to address their needs in a direct manner. 

We distinguish ourselves from our colleagues as having industry specific experience especially in regulatory markets reflected in our services besides our legal knowledge. We are aware of the fact that our services require a business-oriented intelligence rather than a pure knowledge of legislation. In that sense, we respect the priority of our clients to receive reliable and consistent advice ensuring the analysis of not only legal aspects but also of industry specific issues. 

Our team gives high importance to full coverage of the necessities of our clients and we are aware that our clients expect to receive accurate and timely responses. We are accordingly accessible and responsive at all times. 

We define ourselves as client-focused lawyers and we aim at actively building long-term relationships with our clients and act as a trusted solution partner for our clients’ legal needs. 

We always try to come up with customized solutions for the specific needs of each client rather than providing unnecessary legal details for the client and for the project. In that sense, we ensure that our advice and legal support are practical, useful, and valuable for our clients’ needs and goals. 

Delivering the Best Solution

With deep industry-specific knowledge and understanding of trade dynamics, we aim to provide the best possible solution for our clients in reaching their goals and business objectives.

Excellence in Legal Services

We help our clients in handling and solving most complex legal problems and provide practical solutions to the clients. Our aim is always to deliver excellent client services with a business-oriented approach.

Being Responsive

In the fast-paced world of business, we are aware that that our clients expect not only accurate but also fast responses; in that sense we ensure that this is met by utilising the means provided by technology to maintain close contact with our clients. We prioritise our clients’ business needs and we are easily accessible at all times.